Long hair is no longer exclusive to us girls, it seems their is a growing trend on the street for men to have their long hair also. Unruly long hair at that looking all windswept and dishevelled. As you know last summer we saw the introduction of ‘The Man Bun” as summer got hotter, you guys had to find away of getting that long hair up of your neck so like us girls up it went and my oh my did some of you look HOT.

Could this long hair trend have come around as we see some of the best male celebrities in the industry sporting longer hair? Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy instantly springs to mind, not forgetting the penultimate David Beckham with his ever changing style surely he was one of the first men to have a bun,least not forget Jared Leto who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes recently and designer Karl Lagerfeld is never seen without his pony! I personally love a guy with long hair and a bit of manly stubble but I also want to know that is clean when I run my fingers through it so if your gonna go down the long route then you really need to step up your product range.

1. CLEANSE – if you wanna shampoo everyday remember keep it to just one wash and keep your product of choice mild we suggest Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Densifying Shampoo. Keratase is a long established brand that is part of the L’Oreal family, so be assured that this is a life changing product which has had some serious research put into it over many years. It is designed to improve the appearance of the hair mass and restore its vitality; this is definitely for you if your hair is on the finer side and tends to be hard to control, flyaway or sometimes dull.

With regular use over 2-3 weeks your hair will be much more manageable, and look super fit. If you use every time you shampoo for life, then you will have the hair of a God.

2. CONDITION – whilst you may get away with missing this part of your haircare routine if hair is shorter I’m afraid their is just no escaping it if you go down the long route however, you could opt for one of the new leave in oils L’Oreal Mythic Oil comes in 3 flavours so their is bound to be one that suits you its quick, easy and delivers everything you need in seconds it can also tame out frizz not always a good look.As well as replace or be combined with a wax to bring hair under control.

3. DRY SHAMPOO – this guys is your new best friend! great for days when you just don’t have time to shampoo but still need to look good and feel fresh they are several out their on the market from age old favorite Bastiste but our personal fav is Tec Ni Art Fresh Dust it does exactly what it says on the tin

if you follow the 3 step rule Cleanse,Condition,Dry shampoo your on to a winning combination

So,I ask you how long would you dare to grow your hair before you succumb to the chop ?

New Year, New Men’s Style Inspiration

grooming image

With the first shows of the season underway London Collections Men already up to view on GQ magazine theirs is so much to tempt you guys and my personal favourite was Richard Nicoll those shirts with ruffles are just something else ! Angela our session stylist was backstage and the hair was slick, groomed and held in place with a hair pin it was the coolest look to go with the bright colours, the tailoring and kitsch 70’s look. Their was lots of layering, checks and patterns which are some of the keys looks that were on the run way.

So lets get started on what you need to do to recreate the look….


The two hair looks above are perfect for the current trend hair is groomed,slick and polished to go with the smart tailoring out there. Or a looser more all american boy which suits the more casual / preppy look. To create our look on the left hair is cut short on the back and side leaving longer layers on top great for hair with natural movement as little effort is needed simply blowdry using fingers or small round brush then using a 10p side amount of  L’Oreal poker paste rub into palms and apply through hair to give a powerful hold yet, still allows hair to move by having a re-workable formula allowing  you to create texture.

To create the look on the right apply 10p size amount of Poker Paste to damp hair, add a low side part, use a small round brush to lift the front section, once dry add a little more poker paste, I also like to add a few drops of mythic oil to the paste mix well together before applying to dry hair really give a high shine. Then comb to the side up and away from the face. this look really compliments the tailoring out their right now.

get the look mens


Experiment with patterns, its all about the clash don’t be afraid to mix it up. If your not brave enough to go the whole way think about at least two statement pieces, like a pattern shirt with a stripe tie or a paisley hankie in your top pocket can liven up a pin stripe suit just remember to vary the size stick to this is the one simple rule and you can’t go wrong. As its all about style then it’s important to look after your clothes invest in a good clothes brush as just by brushing down your jacket / jumper after use will extend the life of your clothes, to complete your look it’s now become acceptable for guys to carry bags so you should own at least one great bag to carry essentials in as you never know it may be needed for the unexpected stay over.
All items available from House of Frazer,  John Lewis and Y salon


Movember: This is not a Moustache?

featured in Exalt mag as This is not a Hat .Photgrapher ; Montana Lowery, Hair: angela lowery for Y salon
[/r_img] featured in Exalt mag as This is not a Hat .Photgrapher ; Montana Lowery, Hair: Angela Lowery , Y salon
According to the rules of which they are  3 our lovely Beau featured above could not be considered for Movember as rule no 2 states no hair can be grown in the goatee region aw shame! So for all you guys participating in the annual ritual of growing moustaches observe rule 1 The entire upper lip and ‘handlebar zone’ must be completely free hair free on 31st October and then growing can commence and rule 3 is their is no joining of the moustache to sideburns. Sorry Beau you do not qualify on all counts but you do have amazing facial hair and we think think you deserved to be featured. Who would believe that 11 years ago this facial hair phenomenon began its humble beginnings in 2003 in Melbourne by a small group of just 30 friends who decided to bring back the the upper lip tickler back into fashion and would go on to become a global obsession raising a total of £267,661,938 to host mens charities around the world. The UK joined the party in 2007 inconjuction with prostrate cancer to raise awareness of this disease which can go unnoticed for decades as it progresses very slowly, yet it is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with over 40,000 new cases diagnosed every year. Read more about it here http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Cancer-of-the-prostate/Pages/Introduction.aspx

So we need you to join our party by helping us to raise awareness too you can do this in several ways:

1) Visit the salon in November for your cut and blow dry we will donate 10% of your bill to the charity so the more of you that come the more we will donate bring your friends to a ‘MO’ party and we will supply the beers and twiglets whilst you all get a haircut groups of 3 or more in our VIP room

2) Upload your pic of your moustache to www.facebook.com/VisitYSalon, like the page  and at the end of the the month we will pick a winner who will receive his next hair cut for free and his own personal hair care products to keep him looking slick. (RRP £60 which would be donated to the charity )

3) Tweet us a pic of your Moustache @Y_salon #showusyourMo and follow

4) Upload a pic to instagram #ysalon  follow and like Ysalon

winners will be announced on 30th Novemeber so get snapping?


Last of the Summer Days

photo: Specular
Hair: Angela Lowery

Autumn is fast approaching but summer is not quite ready to give up just yet so their is still time to get in shape for that last minute get away. Now I know what your thinking? WOW! I want those abs…. well guys before you hit the floor – doing sit-ups all day will not increase the size of your abs as their is little resistance being added so here are the 3 best abdominal exercises to get that 6 pack! CABLE CRUNCHES, WEIGHTED LEG RAISES and WEIGHTED DECLINE CRUNCHES check out how to do them correctly here www.bodybuilding.com as its all in the correct technique. Next your going to eat small meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats to speed up your metabolisim which in turn will allow your body to burn excess fat and water is your new best friend so drink plenty of it! lastly SLEEP the lack of it will produce a hormone called CORTISOL which promotes fat storage so all that hard work will have been for nothing so make sure you get at least 8 hours.

Body sorted now lets move up top. YOUR HAIR! no one wants a guy with unruly hair and more and more guys are really getting into it. We see you attending the salon every 4 – 6 weeks max some even come every two to stay on top of their short back and sides even taking time to fit in a colour or luxury grooming treatment like our Intense Ritual Homme Capital Force that leaves the hair and scalp feeling purified and energised. Now, I’m not really sure wether this is to keep their hair looking great or the fact that they get a relaxing massage but,either way it’s all good. Some great products that are available to use at home to follow on from that treatment are L’Oreal Kerastase Bain Divilent Balancing Shampoo and to re-create our super slick wet look we used L’Oreal Tec Ni Art Glue a super wet look gel that stays super shiny even when dry and will hold you hair in place whether your posing at the pool or in boardroom.

Finally guys if your hitting up the beach in some far away exotic place before winter sets in or jetting of to some swanky board meeting then your going to have to look after your skin all that recycled air and strangely presevered cabin food can take its toll, leaving it looking tired and less than professional our product of choice for any last minute getaway has to be this Cliniques M Protect SPF 21 A dual-purpose moisturiser for all skin types. Essential hydration plus daily UV protection. Soothes, improves skin’s condition.

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