Last of the Summer Days

photo: Specular
Hair: Angela Lowery

Autumn is fast approaching but summer is not quite ready to give up just yet so their is still time to get in shape for that last minute get away. Now I know what your thinking? WOW! I want those abs…. well guys before you hit the floor – doing sit-ups all day will not increase the size of your abs as their is little resistance being added so here are the 3 best abdominal exercises to get that 6 pack! CABLE CRUNCHES, WEIGHTED LEG RAISES and WEIGHTED DECLINE CRUNCHES check out how to do them correctly here www.bodybuilding.com as its all in the correct technique. Next your going to eat small meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats to speed up your metabolisim which in turn will allow your body to burn excess fat and water is your new best friend so drink plenty of it! lastly SLEEP the lack of it will produce a hormone called CORTISOL which promotes fat storage so all that hard work will have been for nothing so make sure you get at least 8 hours.

Body sorted now lets move up top. YOUR HAIR! no one wants a guy with unruly hair and more and more guys are really getting into it. We see you attending the salon every 4 – 6 weeks max some even come every two to stay on top of their short back and sides even taking time to fit in a colour or luxury grooming treatment like our Intense Ritual Homme Capital Force that leaves the hair and scalp feeling purified and energised. Now, I’m not really sure wether this is to keep their hair looking great or the fact that they get a relaxing massage but,either way it’s all good. Some great products that are available to use at home to follow on from that treatment are L’Oreal Kerastase Bain Divilent Balancing Shampoo and to re-create our super slick wet look we used L’Oreal Tec Ni Art Glue a super wet look gel that stays super shiny even when dry and will hold you hair in place whether your posing at the pool or in boardroom.

Finally guys if your hitting up the beach in some far away exotic place before winter sets in or jetting of to some swanky board meeting then your going to have to look after your skin all that recycled air and strangely presevered cabin food can take its toll, leaving it looking tired and less than professional our product of choice for any last minute getaway has to be this Cliniques M Protect SPF 21 A dual-purpose moisturiser for all skin types. Essential hydration plus daily UV protection. Soothes, improves skin’s condition.